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5 Scientific Reasons Why a Confident Image Will Lead You to Success


Are you wondering why it's important to have a confident image of yourself?

Are you living your life to avoid pain or to experience joy? Is fear of failure that motivates you or the desire to win?

Your self-image is the primary determinant of this, and a sick sense of it might be the root cause of your problems.

Whenever either a sense of self-confidence or a sense of self-worth is missing in your life, then you are not only limiting yourself to live it at its full potential, but you’re also being drifted away from your real dreams. 

Having a low level of self-esteem or generally speaking a poor self-image of you will inevitably damage your ability to put food on the table (metaphorically, but it will influence the money you'll make), impair your relationships and generally won't let you live a high life quality level.

A Confident Image: The Key to Success

What are then self-confidence and self-worth and why are they fundamental to succeed in life? 

Before enrolling into this program, you learned about the importance of having confidence in life and on the significance of feeling worthy of success.

First of all, those are all needs that human beings have and that unless they are met, we will inevitably suffer psychologically. Those are necessary elements for the healthy development of the individual and for true fulfillment in life.

What you think of yourself is probably the most critical judgment you can ever give in life as you’re the only asset you’ll own forever if you think about it. That’s why you’ve made a great choice to enroll in this program.

Have you ever thought that there could be another you in action in this world? Imagine for a second that there is another reality and that in this other reality there is a better version of yourself.

Imagine there exists a version of you that takes most of the opportunities that life proposes, a version that is confident in his own abilities and dreams, a version that is ready to do something that has never been done before. A version that is brave, leader-like, supportive and always aiming for something better. 

A version of you that does not care about what others think and that inspires those others to reach greater heights in life. A version that is socially free and competent and that loves living to its core.

Well, that’s what you’re about to become by following this program. Having said that, let’s talk about what self-confidence and self-worth are.

Talking about self-confidence and self-worth, they are the two main components of your self-esteem or self-image, depending on how you want to call them. 

As Nathaniel Branden defines self-esteem in his book “The 6 pillars of self-esteem", it is:

1: Confidence in our ability to think and cope with the primary challenges of life or what he calls self-efficacy.

2: Confidence in our own right to be successful, happy and worthy of a life where our needs and values are fulfilled or what he calls self-respect.

You have to realize that there is a continuous feedback loop between our exterior world and our interior. What we do in our lives directly influences our self-esteem, and our self-esteem directly affects what we do. 

What do you think this means? Certainly not feeling confident of coping with the challenge of getting out of the bed during winter days or of handling worthy of a cup of coffee. It is actually much more. 

Some people, unfortunately, have such a low level of self-esteem that they only feel entitled to receive just fundamental things from life, like standard treatment from others, a job they don’t actually like, an average relationship and so on, that’s the first reason why they keep being where they are.

Now I’ll teach you the dynamics of self-esteem so that you can get rid once forever or a low level of it.

Apart from the definition, we’re given above about self-esteem, what are its main implications in your life?

Why is it essential to raise our level of self-esteem and to have a positive image of us? There are many reasons for that, let’s now examine them in detail:

Reason 1: Your behavior is inspired by your self-image

Your level of self-esteem is the primary factor that will motivate your everyday behavior. When you feel confident enough to face life and worthy enough to get the best it can offer you then you will naturally act towards the things that you feel confident of getting and worthy of having. 

When you have confidence in who you are and you trust your mind, you will do your everyday activities with much more awareness and rationality in opposition to a disempowered version of you that is afraid of always making mistakes and of falling short in everything it does.

That’s why it’s important to take care of your self-esteem and to develop it day by day. 

Reason 2: There are tangible advantages that go along with high self-esteem

An example of some benefits that will come to you along with a high level of self-esteem are: 

Being more persistent, more rational, ambitious, open towards others, more respectful of yourself and of others, being mentally active, feeling and living better with oneself that causes a natural desire to express ourselves. 

This is a factor contributing to the formation of healthy relationships instead of toxic ones. Having a low level of self-esteem will, on the contrary, provide you the opposite of that. 

Self-esteem also influences your happiness levels as you can never be delighted if you believe that your happiness is disturbing to somebody or if you’ve never been used to being satisfied may be due to your parents' teachings when you were young. 

Joy is a significant variable influencing success in life as seen by the latest scientific studies, and you can’t just allow yourself to lack happiness in the present moment. 

Reason 3: Like attracts like and feeling worthy is the key

Then what you have to realize is that like attracts like in nature so your level of self-esteem will determine the people you’ll be hanging out with. In fact people with low self esteem usually hang out with low self esteem individuals, average goes with average and high goes with high.

That’s why if you want to attract a partner that has a naturally high level of self-esteem you first need to make sure to have a high level of self-esteem yourself first unless your relationship will inevitably suffer because of your different “energy” levels.

With a high level of self-esteem, you won’t be afraid of other people betraying you or not loving you as you already feel loveable yourself. This makes you naturally able to give love to others without asking for something in return.

Apart from that, when you don’t feel worthy of love, respect and happiness you’ll hardly accept those energies from other people when they will generously give them to you. In the workplace as well, a typical person with a low level of self-esteem will never accept a position that is higher than his subconscious worth and expectations.

As you can see this can destroy the lives of everyone, including people, who are geniuses or brilliant at what they do. The fact that they are good or smart at what they do, does not imply a healthy sense of self unfortunately and so even for the genetically lucky in terms of intelligence there is no hope to succeed when a low level of self-esteem is the root cause of their problems.

Reason 4: Self Esteem creates self-fulfilling prophecies

Both the person with high and low self-esteem have some expectations about how their lives are going to unfold and, usually, they actually reveal themselves as they expect. That’s the famous case of the self-fulfilling prophecies occurring in life. 

Have you ever had the feeling that something was wrong about you when you had confirmation about it from people or events? That’s because you created the expectation in your mind first and then it manifested in your life automatically.

Having a high level of self-esteem is going to determine the way you present yourself to the world. In fact, it will inevitably affect the way your eye glaze looks like, your posture, behavior and even how relaxed you appear to be during the day. 

This happens because your level of self-esteem accurately reflects what’s going on inside your mind and by law, whatever goes on inside of you must be expressed outside of you. 

That’s why it is fundamental to take care of it as soon as possible because, as you can see, a big part of your life and future depends on it. 

Reason 5: The race never ends

Apart from that, usually there is also the need to always do more and more with life and never to feel satiated with what one has already accomplished. 

The problem becomes that nothing is enough for the person with low self-esteem, even if it objectively is. This creates an endless race towards an end that does not and will never exist. 

My Experience with Low Confidence

When I was young, I always felt unworthy of the things that life had to offer me. My problem was not confidence per se but that feeling of being entitled to have more. 

This caused not few issues to me in fact even when people were being kind to me I had a hard time to accept the kindness of those people (along with their favors) as “Who the hell was I after all if not a shy and skinny guy unable to speak up for himself?”

Then one day, looking how ridiculous I was for not even accepting compliments or small favors from friends (like lifts to my place or objects that I needed and were lent to me) I started to change my behavior and to feel entitled to be loved and accepted by others. 

Things started to change right away, and I could feel this tangible feeling of power rising all through my chest up until my heart and then expanding all over my body. It was as I had activated more vital energy into my body and as I was reborn into a new me. 

I liked that feeling so much that I started to explore it after that day and to observe my bodily reactions every time I was behaving in an open and accepting way towards others or whenever I was closing myself up.

The change was DRAMATIC. I started to attract more people to me and to feel better with myself each time I was doing this. I was feeling happier, more energetic and more confident about myself that I asked for more help from others and for more favors. 

I later discovered by reading Nathaniel Branden’s book that I had unconsciously risen my self-esteem level by accepting more good into my life and that this was actually a healthy way of living.

Your Exercise

Now I want you to think and observe your life objectively, and with courage, I would say, as those are the best ways to really find out what’s going on below the surface. 

Do you see yourself in this? Do you remember some past events when you behaved in ways that reflect a low level of self-esteem?

If yes, please share them with me as that’s going to serve me as a way to help you during our program.


Remember that the use of your consciousness to feel good is not automatic and wired by your genetic programming, but you should make a conscious effort to live a life that is worthy of a high level of self-esteem as if it would be automatic then everybody would feel automatically good.

Now that you know the power of having healthy self-esteem and a positive image of yourself, it’s time for you to take responsibility for the development of it.

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