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Martin Doe

Creative Entrepreneur

I've been suffering from low confidence since years and i knew that this was impacting my business deep down.

Sal managed to pinpoint the major areas that were creating low confidence in me. 

His call gave me tremendous clarity on how to move forward in improving my income!

Sal Damiata

Confidence Consultant

What You’ll Get During This Free Confidence Call

Don't worry! We're not going to sell you anything on your discovery call.

You'll learn how to implement 3 actionable tips to boost your confidence and income, starting from today. 

By investing this 15 minutes, you'll save time and energies trying to figure out what needs to be improved by yourself.

1 - Goals Check

Before the call, I'll ask you to answer to 5 simple questions about your confidence & business goals. 

No worries, it will take you just 5 minutes to answer!

2 - Confidence Boost

During the call, I'll pinpoint the area that are giving you confidence and the ones that are taking it away from you. 

This will make you learn where to focus your time and energy.

3 - Actionable Plan

Finally, I'll teach you how to boost your confidence on command.

That will happen with specific exercises I'll give you, in just 7 minutes. 

About Sal Damiata

Sal Damiata is an Italian Personal Development Coach and Published Author.

He is the founder of Attraction Truth, a holistic dating website for single men, and Confidence Mentor, a sales & confidence training website for web entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals over 30.

Starting as a shy, insecure, and socially awkward man, he transformed himself into a confident entrepreneur, achieving various degrees of success.

His works have been published and recognized by prestigious media outlets like CBS NewsBusiness Insider, Newsweek, Yahoo, Nasdaq, Slate, AskMen, and more.

His unique alchemy coaching system, based on reprogramming one’s subconscious mind and energy, has impacted hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, CEOs and business leaders. 

Why Having a  Confidence Session


Freelance Designer

For having invested 20 minutes into the call, I got what books could teach me in 10 hours.

Thanks to Sal now I know what’s been holding my confidence back and have the tools to cope with low confidence moments at my workplace.

Adam Garay

IT Entrepreneur

I wanted to scale my business to the next level but I felt fearful of consequences.

Sal helped me with a boost of confidence understanding the 3 magic motivators (as he calls them) driving me.

This got me on the fast-lane and I’m already moving forward with his premium program.

Mario MoscUto

Fitness Coach

I’m always confident but sometimes I feel insecure when I have to talk to more than 3 people.

Sal helped me understand what was holding my confidence back and he also gave me a practical exercise to do before my presentations. 

It works amazingly!

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